A social wellness environment curated to support you in making healthier decisions and enrich positive relationships. 

Large Immersive Group Sauna   |   Cold Plunge Room   |   Earth Room   |   Social Wellness Classes


Grow Through Discomfort

A natural way to challenge and accept yourself by overcoming your limitations. 

Ancient Traditions

Earth Room

Designed with elements from Earth to physically ground you, balance your energy, and connect with the Earth’s frequency.

Immersive design    |   Grounded floor   |  Breathwork & Meditation classes   |  Workshops


Large Immersive Group Sauna 

Experience the ancient benefits of heat exposure with up to 30 people. Explore your limits during a class or drop into a free flow slot and vibe. Meet new friends in an alternative social environment.

Audio visual experience   |  Immersive design   |  Classes   |  Workshops


Cold Plunge 

Drop into the cold, overcome the busy mind, reduce inflammation in the body, and celebrate a pristine state of connec​tion with yourself.

Group or Solo   |   Guided Breathwork   |  Classes   |   Workshops   |   Immersive design


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The intricate network of the mind, body, and soul work in harmony. As you explore each Space you’ll find the support you need wherever you are in your journey.


Quick boosts for everyday vitality for those needing to detoxify, relax and activate their health.

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Overcome the busy mind, regulate the body, build community, and make this part of your new wellness routine.

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Venture deeper into who you are and be guided back into your optimal and natural state of well-being.

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