Intentional Wellness Experiences

Designed utilizing the invisible world and community to create tangible wellness experiences.

Social Wellness

We are social beings that thrive in an environment that cultivates growth and connection.

It's a Journey

Wellness is not a destination, it's a journey of exploration. We have seamlessly combined proven modalites to provide a wide range of holistic wellness offerings.


Quick boosts for everyday vitality for those needing to detoxify, relax and activate their health.

IV Drips | Wellness Shots | Biohacking | Holistic Beauty | Private Infrared Sauna Suite


Overcome the busy mind, regulate the body, learn through classes, build community, and make this part of your new wellness routine.

Large Immersive Group Sauna | Cold Plunge Room | Social Wellness Classes | Earth Room


Venture deeper into who you are with personalized experiences that guide you back into your optimal and natural state of well-being.

Massage & Bodywork | Quantum Energy Technology | Practitioners & Guides


Continue your wellness journey at home or on the go with our scientifically proven products.