Elevate and activate your everyday vitality through relaxing quick in and out offerings.

IV Drips |  Wellness Shots   |   Biohacking   |   Holistic Beauty   |   Private Infrared Sauna Suite


Amplify Your Glow

Nourish your body. Calm your mind. Feel more alive.

Modern Modalities​

IV Therapy &
Wellness Shots 

Replenish your body at a cellular level with tailored nutrient infusions (IVs) and wellness shots for those felling fatigued who need extra resources.

 Custom IV Bags   |   B12 Shots   |   NAD+   |   Myers   |   Many More


Infrared Sauna

Detoxify and relax as the intense full spectrum heat waves soothe your body, enhancing circulation and heart health. Perfect for solo or couples experiences.

Custom Lighting   |   Private Shower   |   Custom Soundscapes


Beauty Room 

Holistic, beauty and aesthetic treatments that support your body's natural ability to reverse aging.

Facial Reflexology   |   Lymphatic Drainage   |   Ayurvedic Treatments   |  Microneedling with Exosomes   |   LED Face Light   |   Signature Quantum Facelift


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More Offerings

The intricate network of the mind, body, and soul work in harmony. As you explore each Space you'll find
the support you need wherever you are in your journey.


Quick boosts for everyday vitality for those needing to detoxify, relax and activate their health.

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Overcome the busy mind, regulate the body, build community, and make this part of your new wellness routine.

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Venture deeper into who you are and be guided back into your optimal and natural state of well-being.

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